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“We are true to this, not new to this”… A quote our dad would regularly shout around on any jobsite we’d be working together on. Maybe it was the way I pondered the question of the fact that after hearing so much, I naturally began to believe the sincerity of the wisdom the words themselves carried with them. There’s one thing that’s consistent when it comes to working in the flooring business or any type of construction genre, The only way to complete a job/project is thew “right way”! From start to finish, no matter what. For me working with my family was fun and a great learning experience. Still today I genuinely love to learn new and creative ways in providing flooring services to the public and maintaining that tried and true clique’. Flooring as a whole has changed in a lot of ways in terms of colors, textures, and durability. While remaining the same when it comes to soft and hard surfaces. From carpet to hardwood and even the newer Luxury vinyl plank (waterproof), are the main 3 types of residential flooring styles we specialize in selling and installing at Carpetflooringco. With over 20+ years of personally working with these materials, when it comes to industry specific questions or just a question on which padding density is best to use, that’s a conversation i’d like to have.
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Life-Time Installation Guarantee

When you buy your materials and have it installed by us, we give the installation our “lifetime installation guarantee”. This gives you a peace of mind to know that the installation will be wrinkle free from a tight professional installation with the carpet and proper installation of hardwood and click together materials. Also the materials we recommend come with warranties that coincide with the workmanship of the installed product. 

*Important notes:

  • Make sure accurate measurements are taken.
  • All hard surface floors need 24hrs to acclimate to location. 
  • Most carpets come in 12ft widths. Some come in 13ft and 15ft.
  • Rip/up and or haul-away are separately quoted. 


Our Process:

Today is your lucky day because… Our work in total is completed by 1 crew. So unless you are getting your materials directly from the manufacturer or a deal you just couldn’t pass, you’ll see that comparing our prices to the market, our cost of doing business is kept low to ensure top quality. 

Sales Process: 

Schedule an Estimate

Fill out form – Schedule date/time 


  1. Approve estimate

Review itemized estimate – Deposit/Balance Terms and conditons

  1. Installation Complete

Invoice reciept – Coupon – Subscription – Referrals


Power Washing

Your home is more than just a place to go home to every night, eat and sleep in and raise a family and grow old in. Indeed, your home is also your protection against the elements that could accost you at any time of the day or night. Unfortunately for your home, NOTHING protects it from the elements. Consequently, it gets battered by everything Mother Nature has to throw at it at all times of the day and night. Wind, rain, sun, snow, hail: All of those and more can batter the outside of your home day in and day out, leaving it pretty badly beaten in time. And over the years, this beating can begin to be reflected in the form of a decidedly dinged-up home. This can certainly be a headache when your goal is to make your home look as beautiful as it possibly can be.


Why Choose Mike Jasinski Painting

We at Mike Jasinski Painting have the experience to promise you only the most professional paint job you could ask for. And that experience combined with our promise to use only the best materials and provide only the best service around ensures that the most professional paint job is the only thing you can expect from us. We understand how important your home or business is to you. We understand that you’re likely to spend the majority of your life in such a building and that such a building is the biggest investment of your life. We understand that you, therefore, want to give that investment — that home or business — only the best work you possibly can. And we also understand HOW to give your home or business the best work out there: with a quality paint job. Whether you want an interior or exterior paint job (or both!), you can rely on the folks at Mike Jasinski Painting to provide you with only top-quality work that will help make your much-loved home or business that much stronger and more beautiful! We also offer power washing services to help keep your home as clean as can be. A good, thorough power washing by the experienced professionals at Mike Jasinski Painting can prove to be JUST the thing to knock away years of grime, discoloration, and even mold buildup — a great benefit for any home or business! And you won’t have to wait very long at all to enjoy the benefits that quality paint jobs and pressure washing services can provide you with, because we here at Mike Jasinski Painting make it our mission to provide this great service QUICKLY. You shouldn’t have to wait to enjoy the most beautiful home or business possible, and with the speedy experts at Mike Jasinski Painting, you won’t have to! All that is why you should choose Mike Jasinski Painting. We are experienced, dedicated professionals who make it our mission to provide you with only the best painting work around. If you are looking for top-quality painting service in the Main Line area, then look no further: You’ve found it with Mike Jasinski Painting!


If you are looking for a painter in the Main Line area then please call 484-554-6207, or complete our online request form.


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